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2076-6-3 / 2019-09-20

Retroact Club of Rudramati Babarmahal-Kathmandu successfully celebrated the constitution day jointly with Leo Club of Kathmandu Chhabdhi Barahi 325B1 Read More

Legal Awareness Campaign

2076-6-3 / 2019-09-20

This campaign was jointly conducted with 5 different rotaract clubs including rotary club with the participation of 100 children under 18 Read More


2076-5-28 / 2019-09-14

Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal-Kathmandu(Zone V, RI District 3292) exchanged its club pin with Rotatact Club of Lamung(Zone III with the Read More


2076-5-28 / 2019-09-14

We Rotatact club of Rudramati Babarmahal-Kathmandu attended the 1st PS meet of RY 2019/20, RID 3292 Nepal and Bhutan.

This meet was held on Read More


2076-5-28 / 2019-09-14

We Rotatact club of Rudramati Babarmahal-Kathmandu attended the 1st PS meet of RY 2019/20, RID 3292 Nepal and Bhutan.

This meet was held on Read More

Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion

2076-5-21 / 2019-09-07

The discussion panel started from 10 am at FNCSI Building, Babarmahal with the participation of total 30 people including guest, rotaractor and non Read More

Zonal COTS(Club Officer Trainer Seminar)

2076-5-21 / 2019-09-07

The Zonal COTS of Zone V of Rotaract District 3292 was held at Brooklyn College, SUkedhara. Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal Kathmadu also Read More

Chartered Day Celebration

2076-5-17 / 2019-09-03

On the special occasion of club's charter day rd Sept, which was chartered on rd Sept, 2012 our club along with the presidents of zone V Read More

Celebration Of Teej Program

2076-5-16 / 2019-09-02

RAC Rudramati Babarmahal-Kathmadnu participated and volunteered on Teej Celebration of program organized by the online news media Parayatan Read More

Teej Program Celebration

2076-5-7 / 2019-08-24

Our club  member started the program at 10 am, cooked the food items ourselves in the old age home and served it to the old people along Read More

Stationary Distribution Program

2076-4-21 / 2019-08-06

In collaboration with "The Asha Project" , Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal KTM distributed the stationery materials to the Read More

Motivational Training Program

2076-4-11 / 2019-07-27

RAC Rudramati Babarmahal conducted the motivational training on 27th July from the Motavitional Trainner from Australia Trainner Anne Writtman. She Read More

Fruits Distribution Program

2076-3-16 / 2019-07-01

RAC Rudramati Babarmahal Organized the fruits distribution program on the first day of the Rota year 19-20 at Manav Sewa Ashram, Kathmandu. The needy Read More

Mega Health and Dental Camp

2074-9-18 / 2018-01-02

on 2nd Jan 2018 the health camp was condcuted jointly with RaC KMC, Asha Project , Eco soap nepal and DJPL pharmacy. The check up was done to all the Read More

Rotaract Hiking Season III

2074-9-8 / 2017-12-23

This is the third hiking of our club and this time we chose champadevi height for the hiking. With the participation of 46 rotaractors from 10  Read More

Late.Sachin Memorial Nationwide Rota Quiz 2017-18

2074-9-1 / 2017-12-16

Every year Rotaract District 3292 conductes rotaquiz in the memory of late Rtr .Santosh. This year also the same trend continued and the quiz was Read More

Share Market and Stock Exchange Workshop

2074-8-16 / 2017-12-02

The workshop was joinly done with our twin club RaC Phulbari. The main objective of the program was to develop knowledge and share market and stock Read More


2074-8-16 / 2017-12-02

Sinterklaas is the patron saint of children in dutch traditions. The feast of sinterklaas is celebrated in 6th of December, where it is believed that Read More

Intra Club Futsal

2074-7-30 / 2017-11-16

The futsal program was hosted in the kaushaltar futsal with the participation of 4 members from the club. Due to some circumstance and work all the Read More

Late Rtr. Sachin Memorial Nationwide Blood Donation Program

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11

This donation program was conducted on Gahanapokhari along with our parent club and sister clubs. We collected blood and handed it to Red Cross Read More

World Polio Day

2074-7-7 / 2017-10-24

Nepal is a polio free country and with the same joy, every year Rotary international has been organizing Rally on this day. This year also , same Read More

Handwashing Day and Art Competition

2074-6-31 / 2017-10-17

Every year on handwashing day, we conduct different activities for children and this year we conducted handwashing program along with art competiion Read More

Joint Meeting and Greeting Exchange program

2074-6-28 / 2017-10-14

We jointly conducted this program with the initiation of conducting joint meeting and information sharing in between different clubs from Read More

Mission 50

2074-6-25 / 2017-10-11

we officially finished the Mission 50 Project initiated by RAC Vishwahita. From clicking pictures in front of heritage sites to meeting at Rtr Read More

Birthday Celebration

2074-6-22 / 2017-10-08

The program was done by the initiation of Rtr. Anjan Bhandari. He celebrated his birthday at ManavSewa Ashram , kathmandu by khaja distribution and Read More

Know the law

2074-6-21 / 2017-10-07

The program was jointly conducted by RaC Mount Everest, RaC Kathmandu Metropolis and RaC Patan South to discuss the laws for gender equality. Rtr Read More

Good Morning Tea Party

2074-6-11 / 2017-09-27

Every year RaC Patan conduct this program and this year our club also participated. Through this porgram we exchanged greetings as well got involved Read More

Dashain Greeting Exchange Program with Rotary

2074-6-9 / 2017-09-25

We have been conducting dashain greeting exchange program with rotary since last year. This year same was inititated and the program was conducted Read More

CV Writing workshop

2074-6-7 / 2017-09-23

Rtr. Medha Joshi, Rtr. Krishna Prasad Sharma and Rtr.Pragyan KC condcuted this workshop about why and how to write CV. This project was conducted Read More

Zonal Dasain Greeting Exchnage Program

2074-6-7 / 2017-09-23

Every year zone V has been conducting zonal greeting exchange program, this year it was hosted by RaC Kathmandu North. Along with joint meeting there Read More

PS Meet

2074-6-5 / 2017-09-21

Every year district conduct PS meet which is basically a meeting of District including all rotaract clubs. The agendas are disvussed and passed from Read More

Dashain Aayo

2074-6-5 / 2017-09-21

The program was hosted by RaC Kathmandu to celebrate dashain greeting exchange alond with some cultural event. Our members participated in this Read More

Club Assembly

2074-5-24 / 2017-09-09

The club assembly is usually done to encourage members of a club by letting them know about their roles, duities and responsibilities. Our District Read More

Rota Splash

2074-5-23 / 2017-09-08

7clubs from different zone conducted this Rota splash with the aim of developing fellowship between different clubs.
Read More

Photography Training

2074-5-22 / 2017-09-07

Rtr. Merina Kunwar and Rtr. Pragyan KC participated in this one week training program and learne about the used and techniques of photography. This Read More

Charter Day Celebration

2074-5-18 / 2017-09-03

On 3rd sep 2012, RAC Rudramati-Babarmahal was chartered. With in these 6 year our club has supported rotaract movement and facilitated different Read More

Sahitik Sanjh

2074-5-17 / 2017-09-02

This was the second version of sahitik sanjh which was conducted by our sister club RaC Manohara. Rtr. Merina Kunwar also gave her performance in Read More


2074-5-17 / 2017-09-02

Every year zone initiate zonal level COTS , which helpes every clubs under those zone to increase their knowledge . COTS refines every members Read More

Daar Celebration

2074-5-3 / 2017-08-19

Every year RAC Rudramati-Babarmahal celebrates teej daar's program with oldage people . This year we celebrated teej daar with differently abled Read More

Rotaract President Night

2074-4-27 / 2017-08-11

This year district initiated new program named as president night, where each club's president come together. This helped to have better Read More

Friendship Day Dance Party and joint meeting

2074-4-22 / 2017-08-06

Zone V conducted zonal dance party and joint meeting on 6th Aug 2017. Our club members also participated in the meeting and got change to increase Read More

Plantation and Fellowship Program

2074-03-31 / 2017-07-15

Nepal is rich in nature as well as in biodiversity. The flora and fauna keep the eco-system in balance.

But these days’ people are getting Read More

6th Club Installation

2074-3-24 / 2017-07-08

The 6th Club Installation of Rotaract Club of Rudramati-Babarmahal Kathmandu began at 10:00 on the 8th of July 2017. With a participation of more Read More

Valentine With rotaractors

2017-03-14 / 2017-03-14

The program was planned on short time period yet it was full of joy, fun, laughter. It proved to be a thread which will bind us together. Let' Read More

Rotaract Holi

2017-03-12 / 2017-03-12

The crowd was HUGE !! People were awesome. The colour was deep and the water was pure.

Celebration turned to fraternity and the enjoyment got Read More

A promise to the Womanhood

2017-03-08 / 2017-03-08

The only thing that a woman can't do,Is to make the world accept that they can do anything..📌

But we believe in them and so,  Read More

Polio Campaign

2017-03-04 / 2017-03-04

The young energetic volunteers of RAC Rudramati Babarmahal successfully conducted the awareness campaign on "End Polio" on 3rd March Read More

2nd Mobile Throwing Competition

2017-03-04 / 2017-03-04

Like the first mobile throwing competition, our second mobile throwing competition too ended up being a successful event. With the inauguration Read More

Shivaratri Volunteer program

2017-02-25 / 2017-02-25

At the door step of Lord Pashupatinath to serve the pilgrims during Maha Shiva Ratri. Our service started at 3 a.m. and ended right at 4 p.m
Read More

Rotaract Hiking Season-II

2017-01-21 / 2017-01-21


We believe, every clubs are unique and so are their members. With interacting, knowing and sharing one's perception and ideas Read More

The Sweater Project

2016-12-18 / 2016-12-18

The Sweater Project".

This is program to provide sweater to the students of Shree Bair Mahadev Primary School at Lapsiphedi 3,Tinpane Read More

World AIDS day

2016-12-01 / 2016-12-01

1st December, World Aids Day Nepal Commerce Campus, Minbhawan Rotaract Manohara and Rotaract club of Rudramati Babarmahal-ktm jointly with Marie Read More

World Polio Day Rally

2016-10-24 / 2016-10-24

On World Polio Day ,  Rac Rudramati Babarmahal Along with Rotract District , Rotary District & Vrious club particpaated on the rally Read More

World Hand Washing Day Celebration

2016-10-23 / 2016-10-23

23th October, 2016. 

On the occasion of Global Hand-washing day, we participated in the project to increase awareness and understanding Read More

Celebration International Food Day

2016-10-16 / 2016-10-16

On the occasion of International food day we Rotaract Rudramati Babarmahal andThe Rotaract Club of Thane Central (RI District 3142 Read More

Joint Meeting & Dashain Greeting exchange Programme

2016-10-03 / 2016-10-03

 Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal hosted " Joint club meeting and Read More

!st PS Meet

2016-09-17 / 2016-09-17

It Was District hosted first PS Meet programe. In this ProgramewholleNepal Rotaract Clubs's Pesident & Secretary are attended along with Read More

Cleaning campaign

2016-08-27 / 2016-08-27

Rac Rudramati babarmahal has doing every saturday Rudramati River cleaning programme las 3 week jointly with local organization , peopl & Read More

Teej celebration (Daar programe)

2016-08-27 / 2016-08-27

Club has conducted daar party on old age homes among club member & old ages house people . About 100 old ages people has been participated on Read More

Twin Club Formation

2016-08-20 / 2016-08-20

We would like to proudly announce the Twinship with Rotaract club of Kasthamandp in prescence of District Club service director Sumit Read More

Mega Blood Donation Programme

2016-08-14 / 2016-08-14

Mega blood donation program jointly with Rotary club of Rudramati Kathmandu and NCC MBM.

Total no of register person- 96

Total no of blood Read More

Art and essay competition

2016-08-13 / 2016-08-13

Rotaract club of Rudramati babarmahal jointly with Aasha Project has conducted Art & Essay Competition with Children at St. Xavier Social Read More

Friendship day celebration

2016-08-06 / 2016-08-06

Club has conducted frienship day celebration among club member by cutting cakes. Parent rotary club has been attended on the programe . Programe Read More

Rotary Installation

2016-07-30 / 2016-07-30

Our Club has particapte on parent  Rotary club of Rudramati insallation ceremony ...
Read More


2016-07-23 / 2016-07-23

Club has conducted Club COTS for giving information of Rotract also to give knowlege about running of Club ..

Trainner were Rtr Saugat   Read More

Club Installation

2016-07-09 / 2016-07-09

President (2015-16) Rtr kishor Tripathi has hanover the presidency to Rtr. krishna Dhakal as president of RY 2016-17.

Club has induced new 10 Read More

9th District Leadership Training Seminar & Reconization Ceremony

2016-06-18 / 2016-06-18

As we three rotaracr club hosted the 9th DLTS & Reconization ceremony which was organized by Rotaract Disrict 3292 Nepal & Bhtan of new Read More

Club Assembly

2016-05-28 / 2016-05-28


This program was basically focused on orienting the club with the  "planning of  Rota Year  2016/17".

Here Read More

Social Artistry Training

2016-05-14 / 2016-05-14

the social artistry training was organised by the Rotary club of Rudramati and hosted by rotaract club of rudramati -babarmahal and rac of manhora Read More

Friendly Futsal match

2016-05-13 / 2016-05-13

this mini foot ball match was played in between the Rac of Tripureswor and our club.

it was a step toward building friendship between rotaract Read More

White Water Rafting

2016-05-08 / 2016-05-08

this was a two day event.

on the first day site seeing,camping was done 

and on the second day white water rafting was done

it Read More

Proposal Writing training

2016-05-06 / 2016-05-06

Read More

Project Management workshop

2016-05-01 / 2016-05-01

Program was facilated by IPDRR Rtr. Amit Bajacharya about the works shop. Nearly about 1 hr programe was sccheduled. It was fruitful to all the Read More

Goat Distribution

2016-04-29 / 2016-04-29

"We make a living by what we get , But we make a life by what we give " 
 Rac Rudramati Babarmahall, Friends of Nepal-NJ Read More

2nd PS Meet

2016-04-16 / 2016-04-16

The "second PS" meet was organised at Butwal hosted jointly by three clubs of zone iii

This was an orientation and training program Read More

Rotaract Super Six Cricket 2016

2016-04-09 / 2016-04-09

"Rotaract super six cricket 2016" is a cricket tournament .it is a charity event  organized by RAC Rudramati-Babarmahal-KTM on the Read More

Toilet hand over and stationery and bag distribution

2016-04-05 / 2016-04-05

 Rotaract Club of Rudramati-Babarmahal, Kathmandu and theHomes of Hope- Nepal jointly conducted "Newly constructed Toilet hand Read More

Zonal Picnic

2016-03-19 / 2016-03-19

Rotaract zonal picnic hosted by zone V. From 6 rotaract club 76 rotaract member was participated and program was fully fellowiship and Read More

Education material distribution

2016-03-12 / 2016-03-12

On the ocasssion of "World Rotaract Week" we conducted stationery distribution program and an art competition at heart beat foundation Read More

Shivaratri Voluntering

2016-03-07 / 2016-03-07

Marking Shivaratri volunteer & World Rotaract Week....

Rotaract club of Rudramati- babarmahal has volunteered on the occasion of Read More

Joint Meeting

2016-03-05 / 2016-03-05

Read More

Stationery Distribution

2016-02-21 / 2016-02-21

we  RAC Rudramati babarmahal  and Rac Dharan jointly conducted "stationery distribution" Read More

District Conference

2016-02-21 / 2016-02-21

This is an event for introducton of new district comittee for year 2016/17, Rtr. Sushil Kumar Karki  the DRR for 2016/17 had introduced Read More

Twin Club Formation

2016-02-20 / 2016-02-20

Read More

Twin Club Formation

2016-02-20 / 2016-02-20

In the occasion of 8th Rotaract Dstrict Conference RAC Rudramati-Babarmahal Twining with  RAC Dhangadhi
Read More


2016-01-23 / 2016-01-23

On the occasion of 100 weeks of Rudramati River cleanup, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward no 5 invited RAC Rudramati-Babarmahal  for a Read More

Delhi RYLA 2016

2016-01-21 / 2016-01-21

The international RYLA 2016 was a good [platform to learn. There were participants from different 7 countries namely India, USA, Canada, Brazil Read More

Leadership & Management

2016-01-16 / 2016-01-16



Read More

Blanket Distribution

2016-01-15 / 2016-01-15

janaury 15,2016

 Rotaract Club of Rudramati-Babarmahal, Kathmandu , Rotaract Club of Thames Int'l college &  Read More

Dental & Health Camp

2016-01-02 / 2016-01-02

The Rotaract club of Rudramati- babarmahal has  organized the Dental & Health camp at our SAP area Shree Bair mahadev P. School Read More

Rotaract Hiking

2015-12-26 / 2015-12-26

The "Hiking Program" fellowship program organized by Rotaract Club of Rudramati-Babarmahal has been successfully completed having a Read More

DRR Visit

2015-12-19 / 2015-12-19

RAC Rudramati-babarmahal has successfully conducted the DRR Visit on 2015-12-19 with Great effort from all the club member & District Read More

Event Management Training

2015-12-05 / 2015-12-05

This event wsa jointly organized by RAC kathmandu & RAC Durbarmarg . 
Read More

Drama Show (makiko arki kheati)

2015-12-03 / 2015-12-03

Read More

Nationwide Blood Donation

2015-11-28 / 2015-11-28

Five rotaract  club host the blood donation program in one palce that is KMC hospital, we are collect more then 124 pints blood in this venue Read More

Mobile distribution program.

2015-11-28 / 2015-11-28

Despite of the unofficial blockade by India, Nine Volunteers from Asia and America Read More

Greeting Exchange

2015-11-23 / 2015-11-23

Under the International service Projects; Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal jointly celebrated “World Hello Day” on 23rd November Read More

Global Hand Washing Day

2015-10-15 / 2015-10-15


Jointly organized by:

- RC of Kathamandap

- RC of Kathmandu Mid Town

- RC of Kantipur

- RC of Read More

Exchange For Harmony

2015-10-11 / 2015-10-11

"Exchange For Harmony”

(Letterhead Exchange Program)


“Letterhead exchange program” is one of the Read More

Exchange For Partnership

2015-10-11 / 2015-10-11

"Exchange For Partnership”

(Flag Exchange Program)


“Flag exchange program” is one of the Read More

Exchange For Prosperity

2015-10-11 / 2015-10-11

"Exchange For Prosperity”

(Currency Exchange Program)


“Currency exchange program” is a completely Read More

Birthday Celebration

2015-10-10 / 2015-10-10

Member retention is a main challange for any rotaract club. Beside the chore of the club it is necessery to recreate members.So as a way to do Read More

Exchange For Fellowship

2015-10-07 / 2015-10-07

"Exchange For Fellowship"

(Pin Exchange Program)


Pin exchange program is one of the charming program to create Read More

Youth In Asia 2K15

2015-10-03 / 2015-10-03

"Youth In Asia 2K15"


YIA was organized by RID 3080 India under the direct guidance of DRR Mohit Singhla and DG Read More

Intra Club Footshall Program

2015-10-03 / 2015-10-03

on the day of 3rd october 2015 we organised a Footshall program . There were a total of 14 participants , eleven were from club and remaining Read More

Help underprivileged Tamang students

2015-09-27 / 2015-09-27


 The Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babaramahal has started providing assistance for the children in special needs in a school at Read More

1st PS Meet

2015-09-26 / 2015-09-26

Read More

Clean up Godawari

2015-09-19 / 2015-09-19

We are pleased to share an information that the Rac Rudramati Babarmahal(co ordinator);students of  NCC MBM(second batch) ,Rac Manahora;Rac K Read More

Teej celebrations with senior citizens

2015-09-12 / 2015-09-12

“The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team”  

The statement was stated by  Phil Read More

Educational materials Distribution Program

2015-09-03 / 2015-09-03

Read More

Tree Plantation

2015-08-09 / 2015-08-09

On the organisation of our mother rotary club i.e "The Rotary Club of Rudramati" we participated on a "tree plantation program" Read More

4th Installation Program

2015-07-03 / 2015-07-03

Programe started at 3 pm by calling  Dignitaries on Dias and fecilited with khada.Chief Guest  Rtn. Ishu Suba , Rotary club of Rudramati Read More

District Leadership Training Seminar

2015-06-27 / 2015-06-27

This is the first District event of each RotaYear.

the DLTS 2015/16 was organised at Dhulikhel and was  hosted by Rac Pulbari and Rac Read More

Mobile throwing competition for rural communication

2015-01-10 / 2015-01-10

Read More

Club members birthday celebration

2015-01-03 / 2015-01-03

Read More

Joint Meeting

2014-12-22 / 2014-12-22

Read More

Twin club formation

2014-12-21 / 2014-12-21

We Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal formed the international twin club with Rotaract club of Greater Valley on 21 Dec 2014 on Khulna Read More

Flag exchange

2014-12-20 / 2014-12-20

We made a flag exchange programme from our club Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal and Rotaract club of Greater Valley, Rac Pune and Rac Read More


2014-12-17 / 2014-12-17

Act-Asia programme organized by interact district 3281 and co host by 3292 Nepal and  Calculatta.

To promote the Interactor and developed Read More

Joint meeting with home rotary club

2014-11-23 / 2014-11-23

Read More

Nationwide Blood Donation camp

2014-11-15 / 2014-11-15

Read More

Jimmawar Chalak Ma

2014-11-15 / 2014-11-15

Read More

Diabetes Camp

2014-11-14 / 2014-11-14

Read More

Zonal Meeting and FIRST AID TRAINING

2014-11-01 / 2014-11-01

Read More

Wall Painting (Global Hand Washing Day)

2014-10-18 / 2014-10-18

Read More

Rotaract Dance Party

2014-09-25 / 2014-09-25

education is the main weapon for the poverty allevation as well as to develop the nation. so to fulfill the objective of providing education to Read More


2014-09-06 / 2014-09-06

To develop the fellowship among the rotaractors and to welcome the new rotaractors we RAC rudramati-babarmahal organizes the Hiking program Read More

Charterd day celebration

2014-09-03 / 2014-09-03

Read More

Teej Volunteering

2014-08-28 / 2014-08-28

Read More

Mega Blood Donation Programme

2014-08-22 / 2014-08-22

Read More

Club Assembly

2014-08-08 / 2014-08-08

Read More

COTS (club officer training seminar)

2014-07-26 / 2014-07-26

DRR. Amit Bajracharaya and DS. Sameep Pokharel is there as a traineer. Our rotaracter members around 16 get participated there.
Read More

Club Installation

2014-06-28 / 2014-06-28

For the installation ceremony of the club we have cheif guest as president of rotary club rudramati Rtn.Krishna Ram Deupala, guest of honour Dr Read More

Sanitation ,dental and Hygiene Camp

2014-05-17 / 2014-05-17

Read More

Zonal football

2014-03-29 / 2014-03-29

Read More

Pashupati Volunteering

2014-02-27 / 2014-02-27

Read More

End polio Now

2014-01-25 / 2014-01-25

Read More

Zonal picnic

2014-01-18 / 2014-01-18

Read More

Twin club Formatoin

2013-12-28 / 2013-12-28

Read More

Polio Campaign

2013-12-21 / 2013-12-21

Read More


2013-12-20 / 2013-12-20

Read More

Rotaract Dance party

2013-10-04 / 2013-10-04

Read More

Bagmati Safai Maha Aveyan

2013-09-14 / 2013-09-14

Read More

Charter day celebration

2013-09-03 / 2013-09-03

Read More

professional proposal writing training

2013-08-28 / 2013-08-28

Read More

Bagmati Safai Maha Aveyan

2013-08-24 / 2013-08-24

Read More

Plantation program

2013-08-17 / 2013-08-17

Read More

Town hall meeting on movement for change

2013-08-15 / 2013-08-15

Read More

Joint Installation

2013-07-06 / 2013-07-06

Read More

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